Many Options in Closures Systems

Drinking and eating healthy beverages and food is as important as breathing and being in good shape. As manufacturers, that means we need to keep away certain external agents that may affect the quality of our products.

That is why closing our containers properly requires a certain type of machinery that complies with all the requirements needed to seal them aseptically, but carefully at the same time. There are machines on the market that will accomplish all of this in order to make our food and drinks the best they can be.

Pick-Off machines used in closures systems

One type of closures system machine is the Pick-Off System in the rotary presentation. Maximum reliability and robustness in a machine made of stainless steel, reaching small productions from 3000 bottles per hour to a high speed of 60,000 bph, depending on the number of installed capping heads. The objective of this machinery is to apply all kinds of aluminum caps, roll-on caps, pilfer proof, Pedi strip, etc. on glass bottles, PET, and more.

On the other hand, the closures system also works with the inline Pick-Off System  designed to adapt to small productions, but with maximum efficiency and robustness. An inline machine with an intermittent star system, fully automatic for integrating low production lines.

This type of closures system guarantees a hermetic closure along with a perfect thread and infallible sealing. For the closures, the cap delivery system through the Pick-Off System picks up the cap thanks to a precision dispenser that minimizes contact with the cap and ensures an accurate placement.

Closures systems with Pick-and-Place systems

The closures system also works with the Pick-and-Place System with a rotary presentation to apply a great variety of plastic caps with prefixed threads, flip-top caps, precision caps, specialty caps, sports caps, etc. onto glass bottles, PET, and other materials. Great flexibility with the possibility of equipping the capping machine with magnetic heads, pin or rigid cone systems.The main goal is applying all kinds of aluminum caps, pilfer proof, roll-on caps, Pedi strips, etc. to a variety of containers.

Finally, the closures system is also offered with the inline Pick-and-Place System, designed to adapt to small productions, reaching up to 3000 bph.

We know things can get confusing with so many closures system options. The experts at TeDelta can provide personalized assistance with choosing the right capping machinery for your business.