How Do Cap Elevator Machines Work?

The capping and sealing industry is taking on an increasingly important role in our society lately. There are countries with very strict regulations about the processes of bottling, sealing and capping different containers that are going to be used for specific purposes. Pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics manufacturers, food processers and many other companies need to fulfill the requirements demanded by those restrictions. Therefore, they must adapt their factories with the necessary modern machinery to do the right job. One of these machines that is perfectly suitable for the capping process is the cap elevator machine.

What does a cap elevator do?

The cap elevator is designed to place, tighten and seal different kinds of aluminum and plastic caps for any type of plastic or glass bottles. This kind of machine uses a cap feeding system that delivers the caps to seal the bottles using the corresponding heads. The cap elevator machine elevates the caps through a belt that rejects any defective caps with a gravity sensor.

The effectiveness of these cap elevator machines are in the correct sealing of the bottle which preventing any spilling of the liquid inside, besides keeping away external agents that may contribute to the aging or degradation of the contents.

The cap elevator is within the feeding system, which contains five types of presentations: the cap feeder, blow air system, cap feeder orientator, cap sorters and the fully automatic cap feeding systems. The cap elevator only works with the cap feeder presentation with the feeding system machine.

TeDelta’s cap elevator machine

The cap elevator is used for the feeding system in the cap feeder presentation. This machine is basically used for feeding corks, aluminum caps, PVC caps, etc., to the hopper of the cap machine.

The cap feeder is a 100% stainless steel machine which can be adaptable for any design according to the requirements of the client. It has a capping storage-hopper, with a capacity of 0.8 m³. The cap feeder is also adaptable according the height and tilt of capping outboxes. This facilitates the cap falling on the capping machine hopper.

As you can see, TeDelta’s capping elevator machines comply with all the required standards demanded by the companies we serve, as well as the regulatory offices that oversee them, to make the capping of bottles much easier and as accurate as possible.

Our capping elevator machines are made of excellent materials to make them durable and resistant, like transparent methacrylate material fairing, forming with foldable caps, allowing either access or observation of the caps, and height regulation possibility through steering wheel mediation.

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