Precision Capping Embraced by a Traditional Bavaria Brewery

Franz Vogl III is the proprietor of the family-owned Schlossbrauerei Fuchsberg in Germany, and he points to high precision capping machinery as an absolute necessity for a successful product in the modern market. This traditional Bavaria brewery follows the ideal that if you stop renewing your business, eventually you’ll stop brewing, which is really an ideal that we would all do well to embrace.

These days, it’s taken as a given that the more you can keep up with advances in your industry, the more successful you’re going to be. This is especially true considering the unprecedented speed at which these innovations are taking place and the increasing amount of competition in virtually every market. So it’s clear that Mr. Vogl has the right idea, and he has recently remarked how high precision capping in the bottling process has become as important as the brewing itself.

High-tech capping is great, but is it affordable?

It’s important not to lose sight of the true purpose of innovation, which is to improve. Improvement means not only the latest snazzy technological advances, but also improved results in quality, performance, marketing and sales.

You might be thinking that you can’t afford an investment of this magnitude at the moment, or that the current technology you’re using has been enough for you so far. But keep in mind that while you’re thinking like this, your competition is already investing. Even small- to mid-size operations can ultimately benefit from periodic revision and updating of their equipment, and Mr. Vogl exemplifies this perfectly. He considers high-tech capping machines to be of the utmost importance for the quality of his product and has found that his investment pays off every time.

In Fuchsberg, brewers can rely on regional sourcing for raw materials as well as technology for their business such as bottling and capping equipment. Whenever possible, they choose a regional vendor, providing them with guaranteed spare parts availability for decades to come.

The rewards of advanced capping technology

This is where we find Mr. Vogl, who is concerned not only with the quality of his beer but also with the whole packaging process. and most importantly, the capping of the bottles. In the case of this traditional Bavarian brewery, high precision machines promise top quality results and are a safe investment.  The company has seen that it not only gets a better and more productive line, but has also witnessed how new technology can save on resources like water and power consumption, improving efficiency and reducing environmental impact at the same time.

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