Cappers Technology Is More Efficient than Ever

With the variety in sizes and shapes of beverage containers in the current market, cappers closure technology is aiming at becoming more reliable and versatile. Diversity in container closures demands technology that can be applied to any of the common closure types, from roll-on caps to plastic screw caps, crown necks, twist-off and ring-pull closures and even natural corks.

This variety is used worldwide and is the first issue that we face when discussing cappers technology. These machines also need to be able to provide in the case of a type of closure not included in the standard program to meet the requirements of different potential clients.

What to expect from today’s cappers

One of the main things a bottler should look for in cappers is a hygienically optimized design that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance and precision in capping. But nowadays, it is also important to consider the special needs of clients using a different or uncommon closure type. Being able to adapt to such requirements and innovate is another important consideration, both for the manufacturer and the client.

Whether we are talking about an in-line or rotary capper, the same basic conditions apply, and manufacturers are currently developing machines that can perform at different rates for different needs, proving that innovation is also in versatility. Today, you can find and select from mechanical in-line screw cappers and cap tighteners. As for aseptic screw cappers, some can disinfect caps by dry sterilization with hydrogen peroxide or by wet sterilization in an immersion tank. You can also choose a rotary chuck style capper, crowners and roll on units for aluminum caps.

Innovation in cappers technology

Therefore, it becomes a necessity to keep up with technology and the needs of the market, and the way in which manufacturers approach this issue will convey their commitment to meet the rising expectations of the client and their consumers. This is why companies like Tedelta invest in research and development of new cappers technologies as an important part of our operations, directed towards the assessment of current market needs and general improvement of efficiency in the production process.

It is also the client’s responsibility to keep up with innovation and renew the business to accommodate recent improvements and to be able to provide a better product to the consumer in the long run.


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