Why Use Access Capper?

Access capper are photoelectric sensors that use a light to detect the presence or the absence of an object, in this case, caps. This technology is an ideal alternative for detecting caps arriving from a long distance or when they are not made of any metallic alloy.

The sensors in access cappers are made to satisfy all the applications found in many industries, such as materials handling, packing, food processing, and food transport. For special applications that require a connector or non-standard cable, they can be customized sensor connections according to the customer’s needs.

How access cappers work

  • Background suppression access cappers: These photoelectric sensors with plain background suppression are designed for applications that require that the sensor detect a very similar object to a second reflecting plane. The suppression of the background plane is especially effective when the target and the second plane have a similar reflectivity, (the light returned to the sensor from the target is practically the same as the light reflected from the second plane), or when dark targets must be detected against a lighter more reflective second plane.
  • Detection of transparent objects: The transparent objects access cappers have all of the three main challenges of the sensor: contrast, shape variations, and wet environment. These sensors provide a reliable detection of transparent materials, such as clear bottles, plastic caps, or films.
  • Contrast and color sensors: There are different photoelectric color and contrast sensors, from real color RGB sensors designed for industrial use, to sensors detecting registration marks, and sensors for a wide second plane and a wide color range, including difficult color palettes.
  • Optical fiber sensors: Optical fiber access cappers are fit to packing apps that require the detection of very small objects, piece verification in difficult access areas, color mark registrations and more.  These sensors have an amplifying light unit and an optical fiber cable that can be installed in the detection area. This allows for remote sensitivity adjustment.

The purpose of these sensors in the capping industry is to make your job easier and more reliable. There are many things to be aware before delivering the final product, and access capper technology can reduce drastically human error and significantly improve productivity.

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