T CapS Closure Systems from TeDelta

If more and more people are on the search for healthy and more natural food, then the food industry needs to use special machines to cap their containers aseptically and neatly. They are perfectly aware of that. That’s why they have changed how they seal their bottles so drastically in just a few decades. One way they have done this is through the use of T capS machines, which can apply T-caps to containers much faster and with a more reliable seal than ever before.

Consumers want to be sure that when they go to the supermarket and pick a product from the shelf, it complies with all health regulations before even thinking about putting it in their cart. A perfect seal is simply necessary for containers in food and beverage, as well as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and other products.

Let us introduce a brief description of two of our capping machines that can be used to obtain that perfect seal using T-caps.

T Cap Rotary Pick-and-Place System: TEDELTA-CAL-100-TR

The rotary format of our T caps capping machine offers superior reliability and robustness for production sizes ranging from 3000 to a high speed of 60,000 bottles per hour. This variety will depend on the number of heads installed. This machine is able to apply a great variety of plastic caps in addition to T-caps, with prefill thread, flip-top caps, pressure, special caps, sport caps, etc.

The most recent technology allows quick changes of format without using tools, so you can easily switch between different types of cap and bottle. In order to optimize production, it has automatic distribution of caps in a downstream channel, adapted and specified for each cap type and speed.

T Cap Inline Pick-and-Place System: TEDELTA-CAR-101-TR

Designed to adapt to lower scale productions without sacrificing efficiency and durability, our linear machine with intermittent star system is fully automatic to integrate in any production line, reaching up to 3000 T-cap bottles per hour. Just like the rotary format, the inline machine can apply many different caps besides T-caps.

High flexibility gives both machines the possibility of equipping CM -706-TR, CP-101, servo, CM-706-TR/PZ clamping system or rigid cones in the machine, guaranteeing maximum closing efficiency, and consistency in the tightening torque.

Do you use T-cap closures on your products? Contact TeDelta to learn more about how our capping equipment can improve your business.