Capping Equipment for Stelcaps

Capping drinks and any other beverage containers has become a huge business and an industry in itself. Caps can be reused or recycled depending on if they are made from different materials. Caps can be made of plastic, aluminum, cork, paperboard or even other unusual materials, such as glass, copper and even wood. For this reason, TeDelta’s capping machines are designed to comply with all the requirements demanded by the food and drink, wine and spirits, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, cleaning and chemical companies, who look for versatile machines to place any kind of caps they need for a specific product.

Stelcaps are the most popular type of closure in the spirits industry because of its value and versatility. We offer several options for Stelcaps capping machines so you can build a custom capping system for your beverage production line.

Capping machine options for Stelcaps

Our rotary and inline presentations of our Stelcaps machines both use the pick-off system, TEDELTA-CAR-100-ST and TEDELTA-CAL-101-ST, respectively. This system of cap placement picks the cap off through an accurate cap chute dispenser that reduces contact with the cap, guaranteeing the exact position of the bottle. This machine has an automatic positioning and feeding system that can be adapted to any size of caps, including all standard Stelcaps sizes. It also offers durability as well as low maintenance.

For the rotary presentation, the TEDELTA-CAR-100-ST is a complete capping machine made from the highest quality material. The target of this machine is placing a great variety of caps according to the company’s needs. They go from aluminum caps, including Stelcaps, to plastic, pilfer proof, roll-on, and Pedi strips on glass or PET bottles, along with jugs. This capping machine is for production that needs to be done fast. It can cap up to 60,000 Stelcaps bottles per hour with total reliability depending on how many capping heads are installed. We have the most efficient and dependable capping head, TEDELTA CR-504-ST, which guarantees a secure, tamper-evident seal.

Finally, for the inline presentation, the TEDELTA-CAL-101-ST is perfect for being used in smaller craft spirits companies. This machine is designed for those small factories that need only small productions, but at the same time, they need the highest efficiency. It has a star system with lineal capper, completely automatic for integrating short production lines. It can reach up to 3000 Stelcaps bottles per hour, permitting complete autonomy.

If your beverage company uses Stelcaps in its products, a capping machine from TeDelta can improve the efficiency and quality of your production line. Contact us today for more information and a custom quote.