Sport Cap Bottling Technology

TeDelta manufactures capping equipment for all kinds of caps: press on, flip top, ROPP, flat, aluminum, and sport caps, among others. We have everything you need for an automated capping system that fits your business, such as capping turrets, decapping machines and capping heads. Today we bring you a special offer: the sport cap capping machine, a popular cap style for bottled water and, of course, sports beverages, as well as applications in other industries.

For instance, we have our sport cap machines in two presentations: the rotary sport cap machine and the inline sport cap capping machine. Both work with the pick-and-place system. As with other cap types, the rotary sport cap machine comes in two forms: monoblock and triblock. The monoblock controls the bottle in a star wheel and the triblocks can have a production of up to 60,000 sport cap bottles per hour. On the other hand, the inline capping system has a production of up to 3000 sport cap bottles per hour making it ideal for smaller scale operations.

TeDelta sport cap machines

It is important to take into account that both the rotary and the inline sport cap machines have 100% compatibility with the other components of your product. These automated systems will create a perfect hermetic seal, which guarantees product quality while boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

We are the only bottling and packaging supplier in Spain and we have specialized in the field of capping machine systems for more than 40 years. We have important clients in our list such us Coca-Cola and Pepsi and across all types of industries, including cleaning products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, wine and spirits, and even in the oil and chemical sector.

All TeDelta capping equipment is built with the best materials of the market, giving our machines corrosion resistance that ensures a long life, and we are always researching and developing new technologies in the capping systems field. At the same time, we have the best quality control methods. We offer after sale service including installation and setup anywhere in the world, as well as technical assistance. Besides the after sale service, we have a passion for engineering and responsible manufacturing, as demonstrated by our ISO certificate, and we have special training for all our technicians and technical service assistants.

For further information about our products, please visit our website and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or for one on one assistance. We are here to serve you!