ROPP Caps in the Beverage Industry

Roll-on pilfer proof caps or ROPP caps are in very high demand in the beverage industry, widely used in both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. We bring you here today the opportunity to invest in a piece of equipment that can radically transform your beverage bottling business. TeDelta is the only capping system company in Spain offering automatic ROPP capping machines, perfect for your food and beverage industry business so you can increase your production scale, efficiency and quality, regardless of where your company is located in the world.


How do ROPP caps work?


ROPP caps and capping machines are used to provide a tamper evident closure with an aluminum or plastic cap on rigid bottles with a threaded lip. The ROPP cap begins as a smooth skirted sleeve made of a soft material that is then shaped around the neck of the bottle with the rollers on the ROPP capping machine so that the cap fits into the threads and ridges molded on the surface of the bottle neck. A perforated portion at the bottom provides a tamper-proof seal.


ROPP capping machines from TeDelta

Our ROPP capping machine comes in two presentations: the rotary and the inline filling system. Both of them work with a pick-off system. The rotary ROPP cap machine may use a monoblock or triblock production capacity depending on your needs. The rotary ROPP capping machine can seal from 3000 to 60,000 bottles per hour depending on the number of capping heads used. Our inline ROPP cap machine will give you maximum efficiency for small-batch productions thanks to its automatic intermittent star system and lineal capper that will allow you to apply up to 3000 ROPP caps per hour.


Any of these presentations will allow you to have a perfect tamper evident seal of virtually any type of beverage bottle. These ROPP caps can be made of aluminum or plastic, depending on your budget and packaging needs.


We offer after sale orientation by installing the ROPP capping machine with our technicians that we send wherever you are. Remember, this is not the only scope of products that we have, so please feel free to browse our website for other capping equipment that may better fit your needs. And do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the contact form on our website.