Capping Machines for Guala Closures

Companies are always looking for quality and reduction of costs, and these days, consumers are looking for organic food or less processed options. People are worried about their health and how the food they put in their mouth is handled, and this includes the packing and sealing of what they consume. What is critical about these issues is that people prefer food and drinks that reduce the use of preservatives. This is the moment when sealing and capping come into play. The company Guala Closures Group has been a leader in manufacturing many of the caps and closures used across multiple industries today, and TEDELTA provides the ideal capping machines that do the job of applying those caps with a perfect seal.

If your products rely on caps from Guala, you can achieve your goals of a more efficient company with higher quality products using the Guala-compatible capping machines we offer you. They rely on a pick-and-place system whose function is to offer maximum reliability for those companies who want to get their production lines running at optimal efficiency.

Capping machines for Guala closures

Through a cap delivery system and the pick-and-place articulated arm that gathers and delivers the cap from the chute with accuracy, the cap is placed in precisely the right position for a perfect hermetic seal.

With the TEDELTA-CAR-100-TR capping machine in the rotary format, you can get bottles capped with a variety of Guala cap types anywhere from 3000 up to a maximum speed of 60,000 bottles per hour. All this will depend on the number of installed heads. This TeDelta capping machine has great flexibility, which gives you the choice of equipping the machine with a magnetic head, servo pressure, with a tweezer system or rigid cone, guaranteeing optimum closure efficiency and an infallible seal.

For the inline format, the TEDELTA-CAL-101-TR machine is designed to fit low-scale productions using Guala closures and caps, but while maximizing efficiency and versatility. This inline machine has an intermittent start system, working automatically to integrate all production lines by accurately applying up to 3000 Guala caps per hour. It can place all kinds of aluminum and plastic caps, including all cap types manufactured by Guala.

Just as Guala is leading the cap manufacturing industry, TeDelta is at the forefront of innovation in the capping machinery industry. Please contact us directly if you have any questions about which type of machine is best for your business.