Automated Flat Caps Equipment

We are a company with over 40 years of experience in automated capping systems, with many satisfied clients in the bottling and packaging industries including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Colgate, Johnson and Johnson, and L’Oréal, among many others. Not every client will need a system to apply flat caps to their containers, but we have the best and most versatile capping technology in Europe today, for flat caps or practically any other type of cap design.


Today, we have a special offer: our range of flat cap capping machines that will perfectly suit your production needs. It doesn’t matter if your industry is in cleaning supplies, health and beauty, pharmaceutical, chemical, or food and beverage – we will give you the best service and product on the market.


Flat cap machines from TeDelta


We have our flat cap machines in two models: the rotary system (ideal for large-scale production) and the inline capping system (suitable for smaller production scales). Both of them work with the pick-off system. The rotary flat cap machine, in turn, has two other f presentations: the monoblock system, which is the one that controls the bottle in a star wheel, and the triblocks that can reach a production capacity of 60,000 flat cap bottles per hour.


With regard to the inline capping system, you will be able to produce up to 3000 flat bottle caps per hour, but with a high sophistication due to their automatic intermittent star system and lineal capper. It is important to know that, just like the rotary capper, the inline system works with perfect compatibility with the rest of the package components thanks to its adaptable capping turret design. Both flat capping machines will guarantee a perfect hermetic seal due to its secure upper seal and tamper evident process.


Best of all, these capping machines are not limited exclusively to flat caps, but can be used with roll-on, aluminum, press-on, push-on, and ROBB caps, among others. In some cases, multiple cap types can be used simultaneously.


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