What Is a Capping Centrifugal Hopper?

Whats a Capping Centrifugal Hopper? Well..People may not realize the importance of having all the products they buy totally and perfectly sealed at first glance. But if we look closely, we can notice how vital this procedure really is in order to assure the quality of the item. After all, how many times have we seen on package labels a warning to not purchase or consume the product if the seal is torn off?

Many items are packed and sealed using high standards, whether beverage and food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or others products, so the capping process of sealing must follow an even more rigid procedure. You can see this by closely examining a bottle of orange juice, a jar of tomato sauce, a container of olives or a container of over the counter pain reliever. Many companies rely on a centrifugal hopper as part of their capping system.

Centrifugal hoppers in packaging

The design of the package is not only for the purpose of preserving what it is inside, but also to make a good impression on the consumer. We need the customer’s confidence, and we will get it only through the way a product looks once it is placed on a supermarket shelf. This not only ensures its aseptic properties, but how the product can sell itself.

The food and drink industry needs certain kinds of machinery for packing, capping and sealing their products as fast as possible, as well as complying with all regulations for ensuring the product can be consumed safely. You can have all these advantages with the centrifugal hopper in the centrifuge presentation as part of your capping system, a machine made of pure stainless steel, which makes it durable and free from any staining that may affect its function.

Centrifugal hopper technical specifications

Our centrifugal hopper machine works perfectly for plastic and aluminum caps used on glass and plastic bottles and containers according to the package contents, and is suitable for special cap designs, depending on the threads of the bottles and how tightly the manufacturer needs to seal the product.

Finally, the delivery and capping capacity of the centrifuge hopper machine is 1000cph, which makes it one of the fastest capping machines on the market. Our machinery is designed to accomplish all the requirements needed for the food and drink industry to produce healthy and clean products.

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