The Best Capping Machine for Aluminum Screw Caps

Aluminum screw caps may not be as popular as their plastic counterparts in the beverage industry, but they are gaining popularity. Consumers are trending towards products with a more premium feel, and these caps provide a detail that elevates a product from mass market into a more luxury category. At the same time, they maintain the convenience that consumers want of being able to open and reclose a bottle multiple times, something that a more traditional metal bottle cap doesn’t allow. Putting aluminum screw caps onto containers properly requires special equipment, and so any business looking to elevate their products through their packaging materials might consider a capping machine for aluminum screw caps.

TEDELTA offers two different models of automated systems with a capping machine for aluminum screw caps, appropriate for virtually any business in any industry that needs to apply these types of caps onto their bottled products. Our equipment ensures a perfect hermetic seal and, depending on the type of cap used, a tamper evident seal could also be an option. All in the highest quality stainless steel materials with the best service in the industry.

Options for capping machine for aluminum screw caps

The first type of capping machine for aluminum screw caps is the rotary pick-off system. The rotary machines have a rotating carousel of multiple capping heads which make them extremely efficient and ideal for very large manufacturing lines. Depending on how many capping heads are used, this model can reach speeds as high as 60,000 aluminum screw caps applied per hour.

The second capping machine for aluminum screw caps from TEDELTA is the inline pick-off system. Unlike the rotary model, it is equipped with a single powerful capping head, for a top speed of 3,000 aluminum screw caps per hour. This makes it a great option for small to medium manufacturing businesses who need maximum efficiency from their machinery but don’t necessarily require a massive production volume.

Both models use the pick-off system, which delivers the aluminum screw caps onto the bottle heads through an automated chute, minimizing contact between the machine and the screw cap, and ensuring precise placement and an infallible seal every time.

Do you need a capping machine for aluminum screw caps for your business? We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us for additional information, or to discuss a tailor-made capping solution for your business. We can also provide a custom quote for your equipment.