Cap Equipment: Spindle and Chuck Cappers

Capping equipment machines have the primary function of placing and producing the torque of different types of caps, typically on plastic or glass containers. On automated cap equipment, the caps are routed from a bowl-like container, through which they are deposited at random. From there, a series of pneumatic mechanisms are in charge on setting the caps on in the right position to allow them to enter the device that places each cap on the neck of the container. It also can be used as a router of the caps.

An elevator in which the caps are deposited onto a special vertical or incline conveyor belt guides them and distributes them to the device mentioned above.

Types of cap equipment

There are two types of automatic capping machines: linear or continuous capping machines (spindle cappers) and intermittent cap equipment (chuck cappers).

On spindle capping machines, the containers advance without stopping by the conveyor belt. During the travel of the containers, the caps are deposited on the neck of the containers, and the torque is produced through the contact of the cap with rollers or bands that turn, twisting the cap into position. This continuous cap equipment reaches a higher capping speed, but these processes can only be done on threaded caps with no specialized shape or other complex features.

On the other hand, with chuck capper machines, the bottles and containers advance to a star that turns and places them in a position to receive the cap on the neck of the container. Meanwhile, the bottle remains in a retention position to receive the head that will produce the torque upon contact with the cap on top of the bottle. In this type of intermittent capping equipment, the speed is less than that of a spindle machine, but these systems are much more precise, being able to handle several types of caps, including heads to place metal pilfer proof caps and pressure caps.

Continuous capping machines can reach speeds of over 100 caps per minute, while intermittent capping machines are typically in a range of 60 to 80 caps per minute.  All cap equipment machines are designed to fulfill the customer’s needs.

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