Bottle Packaging Machine Price

By getting a bottle packaging machine price not expensive at all, you will be making the right decision to increase the production numbers in your company. In tedelta we make the most effective capping products, which will make your bottles to be perfectly sealed with a hermetic quality like no other.

Tedelta is an international company that owns a huge number of offices and venues all over the world, which has allows us to be able to work with some of the most prestigious marks and brands of the global industry.

By being in the business for more than 40 years, we have gained an amount of experience no other company has, setting the bar for the competition day by day, by making the most effective cappers in the world with avant-garde technology.


We will help you improve your company

Our primary interest as a company that want to help our customer to boost up their numbers, is that every product they get from us works in the proper way, so that way a real improvement in their companies production is visible.

Our machines are 100% original pieces of mechanical engineering, and that allows us to assure you that if you get a bottle packaging machine price that’s economic, your company will finally get the increase you’ve been waiting for.

All of our products are made by ourselves, and manufactured with the best materials of the market. Also, they go through the most rigorous exams of quality, based on the higher standards within the international bottling products business.

And by knowing that, you can be totally sure you will be getting simply the best product, if you get it from Tedelta. Products like the couple we are going to talk you about right now.


With this semi-automatic capper, you will be able to close your bottles with any type of aluminum or plastic caps. This will give your bottles the most perfect and hermetic seal, and even though it is designed for low production companies, it would be a great addition to capping glass or plastic bottles. It also has a long lasting durability.


Our machines integrates different systems each, and with Tedelta, options are infinite, and include our service of special custom cappers made to measure, from your petitions, and just for you.

With this special service you will get a custom capping machine manufactured by our incredible team of experts. This machines are made from our client’s petitions and needs. Equipped with our best original parts and most avant-garde working systems, this service will give you and endless world of possibilities within capping your bottles.

Our systems have no comparison

We know how competitive the bottling industry can be, and especially now, where there is so much new technology, it is hard to find the one that truly fits in your company. In that order, we work hard to develop working systems that with no comparison and can be used by any company in the world.

We know that what makes a bottle packaging machine price that will fit in your budget, is the quality of it, and believe us… Ours have the best quality.

We’re the best alternative for you

A Tedelta machine will increase your production numbers like if it is nothing, while sealing your bottles with internationally acclaimed quality, in the most precise and hermetic way. Plus, if you get one of our products, you’ll get the high quality of the products, with personalized technical service for it.

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