Bench Bottle Capper: Applications and Advantages

When it comes to capping equipment for bottles, several options are available. A bench bottle capper is focused on small batch productions, making it an excellent choice for small-scale manufacturers, labs, small craft breweries or serious home brewers. The bench bottle capper offers maximum reliability and robustness despite its comparatively small size, with productions easily reaching 600-1000 bottles per hour, depending on the operator’s ability.

Bench bottle capper applications

This type of capping equipment is able to apply a great variety of plastic lids or threaded caps, aluminum caps, flip-tops, specialized caps, etc. to many types of bottles, including big bottles and bottles made of glass or PET. Bench bottle cappers thus provide great flexibility and versatility that may offer the possibility of equipping the machine with a unique magnet screw-in head, pressure through clamping systems, or rigid cones systems. These machines are also recommended when releasing new products and for quality control purposes.

Bench bottle capper delivery system and cap closure

The bench bottle capper works through manual cap positioning over the bottle once the bottle is filled, but the closure is completely automatic thanks to the driving of the head through the final closure. In the case of a magnetic head, this offers a very precise closure, and with the screwdriver head, the optimum vertical and lateral pressure for a reliable hermetic closure. Depending on the operator’s ability to place the cap and screw it in, the bench bottle capping system may be used to apply up to 30 caps per minute.

Benefits of a bench bottle capping system include:

  • Fast and simple changes of the head.
  • Easy manual bottle height adjustment, allowing the closure of bottles of all sizes.
  • Independent speed-varied engine to regulate the revolutions needed for each type of cap and bottle.
  • Low maintenance and high durability.

In general, bottles ranging from 18 to 55 mm in diameter may be capped with torque control. There are different types of adaptors: internal fluted stainless steel, gripper type, or with an insertion of polyurethane adapted to different ranges and cap measurements.

Industries using bench bottle capping systems

Virtually any sector manufacturing products in bottles on a small scale can benefit from a bench bottle capper, including the beverage, food, pharmacy, cosmetics, and chemical industries. This equipment is also ideal for those who have a small business and want to seal their own products efficiently and reliably.

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