Would you like to replace your Capping Machine?

If you are wondering why Would you like to replace your Capping Machine? We got the answer for that. As the years pass, technology goes and grows bigger and faster, which is why if you haven’t changed your capping machine in a couple of years, it is pretty possible it’s discontinued.

Then it is time for you to upgrade your machinery and start working with better and more sophisticated machines, which is what we offer here in Tedelta: The most advanced and effective cappers in the market.

With our machines, you will see quick increasing on your production numbers, that’s a fact.

 We are makers of the most amazing machines

Our capping machines are high quality products, made by our incredible team of experts in the area. That way you will get a perfectly hermetic sealing in all of your bottles, thanks to their avant-garde systems, and original parts made of stainless steel.

We have been developing the most amazing machines and designing effective working systems for more than 40 years. Which equals almost half of a century designing, manufacturing and constructing the best capping machines in the global market. Also, we make different capping products from scratch, like capping heads and others machinery parts.

And if you still wondering why Would you like to replace your Capping Machine? then the determinant factor will be knowing that all of our products are totally and 100% original. Tedelta offers nothing but the best products to its customers, relying on our huge catalog of products from which you will be able of picking the best cappers in the market, just like the ones we are going to show you right now.


This semi-automatic capping machine is going to be the perfect tool for you to better the closure of bottles with any type of aluminum or plastic cap. It can easily work with some of the most popular caps in the market, giving your bottles a hermetic seal. It is made of stainless steel, which gives it a long lasting durability being a low maintenance machine.


As part of our incredible services, and just in the case you still wondering if Would you like to replace your Capping Machine? We have a special capping system service in which we offer you the making of custom machines manufactured after your demands and wishes. We are talking about stainless steel custom made machines, equipped with our best machinery parts, that will make your company’s numbers go bigger and higher in the blink of an eye.

We’ve worked with certified companies

Tedelta has worked for some of the most popular and successful companies and marks around the world. We have distributed our qualified products in almost each corner of the world, as a result of being an international company with offices and branches in different countries.

As an international enterprise we count with the expertise and the knowledge in how the global market works, so you don’t have to worry about anything, anymore.

Best promotions and services

Also, by being an international company, we know is important to have our customers’ back, which is why we offer high quality warranty post sale services, handed by our team of experts.

By purchasing one of our machines, you won’t have to worry about it to break because we also offer the high quality of the products. So, if something happens to your new Tedelta machine, we will respond to it.

Don’t wonder if Would you like to replace your Capping Machine? Get one in our web page and pick the capper that fits you the better. We offer professional and personalized technical service, attended by ourselves. 24 hours attention. Secure payment mode. Contact us!