What is Slot Machine Capping

If you are looking for an explanation on what is slot machine capping device, we will give it to you in the easiest way possible. In Tedelta, we sell machines that will become the perfect tool for your company and your best friend in the sealing process of a bottle. With the help of our machines, your company will raise up its production levels to numbers you have never seen before.

We are experts on making the most effective capping machines and machinery parts of the world’s bottling industry. Tedelta products will easily seal the biggest amount of bottles in the less amount of time.

If you decide to purchase one of our products, you need to know that we have an amazing and huge catalog under our belt, filled with all kinds of cappers and different parts for them, just like our capping head which we will talk you about later.

We are leaders in the industry

Tedelta is an international company that has worked over 40 years on making some of the most effective and qualified capping machines in the market. Thanks to that we have had the pleasure and bless of working with some of the world’s most popular and selling bottled products companies, who have tried our quality and experience Tedelta’s machines sealing, and has always loved it, which is why they always come back to us, making us leaders in the capping industry.

And what is to know what is slot machine capping machine, if you don’t know how to manipulate it? In that case, we offer services that no other company do, like a series of instructional classes where our trained team of experts and teachers will let you know how to work with our machines and their systems.

They also will be giving you an advanced step by step on our different machinery parts, which includes capping heads, which are basically the heart of a capper, and the products we are going to talk you about right now.


This capping head will help you seal your bottles with all types of push-on plastic as well as cork caps with a hermetic quality. It is made of stainless steel which gives it strength and long lasting durability. It also changes its capping system depending on the cap.


This decapping head is designed to remove caps in the most flawless way. It can remove caps of all kinds. It comes with the best safety decapping system that prevents the bottle to break when the cap is being removed from it.

We are an effective enterprise

In Tedelta we are specialist on selling the most effective cappers. But in order for us to tell you what is slot machine capping, we need to let you know first, how effective we are as a company. Tedelta’s products are 100% original. They are all designed, manufactured and built by us.

In the other hand, we offer you not only incredible machines, but the best personalized technical service, where we’ll be willing to answer all your questions, since our customers are the most important thing to us. We assure you we will always respond and have your back.

And in that order, we will give you a reliable service that will maintain your machines at their best. Of course that is only possible if you purchase one of our machines. We also have offices spreaded around the world, so you can contact us at any corner of the world.

Our quality is incomparable

Tedelta machines’ quality is incomparable. And we assure you will see the results within your company in hours. We are experts in the market and therefore we are the best option for you to increase your production numbers.

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