Screw Caps with Automated Capping Systems

The world is changing and it’s more important than ever for entrepreneurs to squeeze as much productivity out of every minute we are working. For instance, if having a winery sounds like the perfect business venture for you, buying a capping machine for your wine bottles will be a secure investment for you. Consumers are increasingly interested in screw caps over the traditional cork closures, since this makes it easier for them to save unused wine for later.

For that reason, buying a capping machine that positions and seals screw caps onto your wine bottles will give you the possibility of mass production for your winery, leading to greater potential revenue. Plus, you ensure maximum seal quality and efficiency in your capping system while also saving on labor costs.

Capping machines for screw caps

TeDelta is a manufacturer of capping machines for screw caps and virtually any type of cap you can imagine, with more than 40 years of experience working with clients in the bottling and packaging industries. Our rotary machine for screw caps and inline capping system for screw caps both use a pick-off system, and the main difference between them is that the rotary system has a capacity of 3000 to 60,000 of bottles per hour, while the inline has a smaller capacity of up to 3000 screw cap bottles per hour, making it suitable for small productions of wine or whatever product you need to bottle.

Another feature of both capping systems is that these machines have excellent durability and are low maintenance. These automated capping machines are versatile and can be used on multiple cap types besides screw caps, in some cases with the ability to process different cap types simultaneously. Besides all these advantages, our screw cap machines will push the caps onto the bottles with a perfect hermetic seal and tamper-proof perforation if necessary.

Both machines also work with a precision that allows for perfect placement of the screw cap on the bottle due to its cap dispenser chute. These machines are not only useful for screw caps on wine bottles, but for any type of beverage, cosmetic, cleaning product, pharmaceutical or chemical product that might require a screw cap. Our capping machines are ready to be used for virtually any type of cap material.

We ship our capping equipment to anywhere in the world and we offer technicians for installation as part of our after sale service. Please feel free to write us for additional information on screw cap machine options or to request a quote.