Tedelta’s oil bottle capping machine is an effective away to seal any plastic or glass bottle filled with oil or any other fluid. Our machines will help you increase your production numbers while sealing your bottles in the most hermetic and efficient way, with an incomparable quality and in the fastest time.

If you own a bottling company, you most likely need the best capping machine for it, so your able of producing the most in the less time without disregarding the quality of the sealing. That is when we enter onto the equation. Tedelta offers the best capping machines and bottling solutions for any enterprise worldwide, and at the most economic prices.

Our catalog equals excellence

In our web page, we count with an amazing catalog of capping products that will boost up your company’s production in the best way possible. Our machines seal all kinds of bottles and containers, made of glass or plastic. You will simply become speechless at the excellent job our machines can make. We are experts creators of the most avant-garde systems of the whole industry, which turns our oil bottle capping machine into something out if this world, and this next examples will show you what we’re talking about.


This is the perfect capping machine for your company. It has an unique working system that makes the capping process go faster than you have ever seen. This Tedelta original capper, can seal a number of 6000 bph with the help of our Tedelta capping heads. It seals glass bottles to perfection and it is a low maintenance product.


Seal your bottles with a huge variety of plastic caps with this amazing Tedelta capper.  It is a high precision sealer that will give your bottles a hermetic finish like no other. It is made of stainless steel which gives it maximum durability. If you’re really looking to boost your numbers, this is the capping machine you need.

40 years capping worldwide

Tedelta is an international placed company with 40 plus years in the business, making the most well-known brands and bottled products companies produce better sealed bottles all around the globe. We have manufactured and sold all kinds of capping solutions, gaining the respect and trust of our clients during the years.

We represent a real solution

We know problems may occur when working with machines, which is why our post sale services include a series of free instructional classes where you will learn how to manipulate an oil bottle capping machine in the best way. And to that, you can add two years of full coverage warranty with a free lifetime maintenance service just by purchasing one of our products.

Get a perfect oil bottle capping machine on our web page. We are an international company. Solve all your doubts. Responsible enterprise. Experts in the area. Top quality products. Secure payment mode. Guaranteed quality. Contact us!