Linear Capping Machine for Aluminum and Special Caps

No matter what type of capped container you use for your product, chances are your small business could benefit from an automatic linear capping machine. These types of machines are helpful for both product quality control and the financial viability of the business itself. Anytime you can automate a process in your product line, there is a cost savings involved. Production becomes more efficient and less susceptible to human error.

Sometimes, smaller manufacturers don’t think it’s worth the upfront costs of investing in something like an automated capper system. That’s because much of this equipment is far too large in scale to be practical for their business model. Luckily, the linear capping machine from TEDELTA is ideal for small- to medium production lines. It gives smaller businesses in any industry—food and beverage, chemical and petroleum, pharmaceuticals, etc.—the advantages of automation, with a line speed that adapts to the size of their production.

Linear capping machine models from TEDELTA

TEDELTA offers two different models of linear capping machine to help smaller manufacturing businesses benefit from increased efficiency and packaging quality. Both models use a single capping head, which is what differentiates the linear cappers from the rotary models. This in-line setup gives the machines a maximum capping speed of 3000 bottles per hour, which can be adjusted down depending on production needs.

The difference between the two linear capping machine models is in the cap delivery system, which in turn determines the types of caps that can be used with each system.

The first is the TEDELTA-CAL-101-ST, which is an in-line capper with a pick-off system. This model is very popular with companies producing wine, spirits or other bottled beverages. It is compatible with many different types of aluminum caps, such as pilfer proof caps.

The second, the TEDELTA-CAL-101-TR, is also a linear capping machine but with a pick-and-place cap delivery system. This model has almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to the types of caps that can be sealed onto containers. Screw caps, plastic threaded caps, sport caps, flip tops, and even specialty caps are no problem using this automated capper machine.

Linear capping machine video: flip top caps on plastic bottles

In the video below, you can see our pick-and-place model in action. Watch as uncapped plastic bottles of honey enter our linear capping machine. Once inside, the machine automatically picks up the plastic flip top cap and places it on the bottle. The capping head then comes down, applying the perfect amount of pressure and torque to make a perfect, hermetic seal.

For more information about our two linear capping machine models, please feel free to contact us today.