How to Make Capping Machine

In the next article we are going to explain you how to make capping machine work in the most precise way soy you can seal the biggest amount of bottles with a hermetic quality.

We are experts in the making of the most effective capping machines in the market. Our machines will give you the best quality when it comes to bottle sealing. Tedelta has almost half of a century working in the bottling industry, raising the bar in bottle sealing quality by making effective products.

And is obvious that all these years have given us the opportunity to learn how to design, build, manufacture and sell the best cappers in the global market.

Our quality has no comparison

In Tedelta we believe in authenticity and hard work. We are specialist in making original machines and parts that will perform the right way and by so give you a unique quality sealing.

All of our products are completely and 100% original, all made by our own hands, from our own imagination to reality. We design from scratch, and then construct every single one of our products, which you can find in our amazingly huge catalog.

We really know how to make capping machine, and by knowing so, we are always upgrading the systems within our cappers, making them one of a kind quality products. Our cappers seal with the most avant-garde capping heads, which make them give the most precise seal, and an example of that are the capping heads we will show you right now.


Tedelta’s magnetic capping head is designed to give a perfect seal in any production environment, whether if it is in a high production company or a low one. It has a system that allows it to use a rigid or a gripping chuck depending on the kind of cap you want it to work with. It is a low maintenance product as well.


This capping head has been designed to seal all kinds of glass bottles with a large variety of aluminum caps. It is made of stainless steel, which makes it a long lasting machinery part, and it can work with caps of 18mm and all the way to 38mm caps. With the help of this head you will get the best seal in all your bottles.

40 years around the globe

One of the main reasons why Tedelta is a well-known company in a worldwide status is because we are a company that has worked over 40 years and has grown to become an international enterprise, owning offices and branches in different countries.

That has given us the chance of working with the most prestigious marks and companies, spreading our quality and raising up the production numbers in their factories.

The most amazing services

We care about our clients and we are constantly working to offer you better options and promotions. With us, you will receive the high quality of the products just by purchasing a single product, so you fell assured and save.

And in the other hand, even though Tedelta’s machines doesn’t need that much of maintenance, is best for them to receive it from the experts, which is the reason why we offer you a lifetime free maintenance service for all your Tedelta cappers and machinery parts, so you don’t ever have to worry about how to make capping machine stay in shape.

We want to make sure you feel comfortable with us, which is why we want you to always have the best quality, which you can only get by purchasing our products.

We are specialist on how to make capping machine. Get in our web page and buy the capping machine you and your company need. We have a 24 hs attention service. Quality guaranteed. Personalized technical service. Don’t think about it. Contact us!