Hand Capper Machine

If you want to get the best hand capper machine, , then you have come to the right place, because we have the largest catalog of capping machines in our web store waiting just for you to buy them. We are experts in the making and selling of specialized machines with complete capping systems, so you can always seal your bottles in the most precise way.

 Tedelta’s cappers are simply the best option you could have to accomplish a never-seen-before increase in your company’s production levels, which is all thanks to all the different systems develop so we can offer you the most effective tool for bottling your products.

 Capping variety and diversity

Tedelta’s machines presents the most divers systems in the market, which will help you seal a huge amount of bottles in the less possible time. We can assure that not because we are trying to sell, but because all of our machines are made by us, which means we are the responsible for the design, manufacture and building of every single one of our products, which allow us to know exactly what we are selling to our clients.

Now let’s talk about the bottles you can seal with our machines. In Tedelta we have a huge family of cappers, from the fastest automatic machine to the most precise hand capper machine that will allow you to seal all types of bottles with any kind of caps in the market. An example of that are the machines that we are going to show you right now.


This capping machine will place any aluminum cap with the highest precision, thanks to its advanced head that will screw the caps in the most polish way, assuring you a hermetic sealing like no other. It is made of stainless steel and operator friendly as well.


With this hand capper machine you will be able to seal more than 3000 bottles per hour with all kinds of plastic caps. It has a Pick and Place system that sends the caps from the chute to the capping head, so it can perfectly screw the caps onto the bottles. It will definitely give you an incredibly huge increase in your production.

We are experts in the business

Tedelta has more than 40 years not only selling but making the most prestigious capping machines in the world. We are an international company with a ton of offices all around the globe.

We have had worked with the most prestigious and well-known companies and marks worldwide, which has showed us their support and satisfaction with our products’ results, so they have stayed beside us for years.

We offer you universe of services

Tedelta also offers a ton of extra services within the process of getting one of our products. Starting with a series of introduction classes that will help you and your workers know everything about your new hand capper machine and how to work with it.

We also offer you a two years guarantee in any product you get from us, plus a lifetime maintenance service made by our certified team of specialist that will solve any trouble you might have with our products. That way you can be relieved with the fact that you will always be having the best services at the palm of your hand.

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