Closure systems improve from alliances between manufacturers and companies

There are many benefits in the recent innovations on the closure system for an assembly line. In the search for a design that can adapt to a wide range of necessities and parameters, manufacturers are looking to reduce time-consuming changeovers while also decreasing capping chuck inventory requirements.

The result? Savings in the form of decreasing labor costs and improved bottling line-up time. Add to this formula a low maintenance cost and eye-catching designs, and you have the perfect ingredients for success.

Improving packaging with a closure system

Getting people to know, recognize, and trust your brand, and not only a specific product, is critical for any business in today’s marketplace. Take the Pickle Juice Company, for example. The company is becoming known for producing sports drinks capable of reducing muscle cramps and replenishing electrolytes, and had been using 38mm snap-on caps, but were experiencing difficulties with unsealed closures that would come off during shipment of their products. Of course, this translated into loss and a general feeling of mistrust from their customers, diminishing their brand value.

The solution was to redesign their closure system to ensure caps would seal properly and be delivered without an issue. To do this, they switched from the 38mm snap-on closure to 28mm screw-on caps with special sealing to ensure superior packaging performance for their three PET bottle types: 16 oz., 8 oz., and 2.5 oz. shots.

Closure system innovations through alliances

These types of calls are a response to a bigger necessity; that is, to create alliances between manufacturers of capping machines and companies with the objective of improving sustainability, reducing production cost and boosting the branding process.

Manufacturers such as TEDELTA have made such alliances with big international brands like Pepsi and Coca Cola, while at the same time being a favorite among smaller companies in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries. This idea of alliance is the approach many more are considering, since collaboration typically results in innovation and improvement.

TEDELTA offers a line of rotary capper machines capable of handling high production ranges up to 60,000 bottles per hour (TEDELTA CAR 100-ST with pick-off system; TEDELTA CAR 100-RT with pick-and-place system). Inline capper machines are thought to be more suitable for smaller companies, allowing up to 3000 bph (TEDELTA CAL 101-ST with pick-off system; TEDELTA CAL 101-RT with pick-and-place system).

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