Cheap Bottle Capper

Our web store is the best place for you to find a cheap bottle capper that produce the most perfectly sealed bottles for your company. In order to increase the production number of your company, there is no better option than Tedelta.

We are an international company with a lot of offices all around the world, and thanks to that we have been able to work with some of the most prestigious marks and companies in the world. Also we have been able to learn what our customers and companies in general really want, so that way we have developed the most prestigious systems for our cappers.

We know what the market wants and most importantly, what are our clients’ desires and expectations when it comes to a capping machine.

No one know the game like us

Tedelta is a company that has been for more than 40 years in the business, selling and making the most effective cappers in the world. But also, trough all those years, we have created, designed and made from scratch tons of different capping products. That means all of our products are 100% original and one of a kind. That is why we are the perfect option for you and your company.

A cheap bottle capper you can find it anywhere, but a capper that truly fulfill your expectations and rise up your company’s production numbers to digits you have never seen or expected before, that only can do it a Tedelta product. An example of that are the machines we are going to show you right now.


This capping machine comes with an excellent pick-off system that makes the capper increase your production up to 3000 bottles per hour. It hermetically closes almost any kind of glass bottles with a huge variety of aluminum caps. Plus it is made of stainless steel so its durability is an amazing extra factor to it.


In this machine you will find an incredible lineal system which is totally automatic. Although this machine is originally made for smaller production companies, it can be upgraded for medium productions with a second capping head. This machine doesn’t need an operator to manipulate it, since it is completely autonomous, which will speed up even more the production of your company.

The perfect tool

When you get one of our machines, you are not just getting a simple cheap bottle capper, you will be getting the perfect tool to accomplish all your goals when it comes to your company’s production of bottles.

Tedelta’s machines are made by the most qualified team of experts in the area, who not only know how to develop amazing working systems for each one of our cappers, but also are the responsible of inventing new ways of improving them in order to make your company a total success.

Seal with perfection

If you purchase a Tedelta cheap bottle capper you can be 100% sure you will be buying a machine that will give you the perfect sealing, and that is all thanks to their amazing capping heads which will give your bottles the most perfect and hermetic sealing in the market.

But also, if you decide to get one of our cappers, you will get special post-sale services, just like our generous two years warranty and a really effective reliable service that will keep you machines always working to perfection.

But that is not all. Also you will get a series of free instructional classes, so that way you and your workers can fully learn how to manipulate Tedelta’s products and take the best out of them. That’s the Tedelta service, because we actually care for our clients.

Buy a cheap bottle capper in our web page. We have the best machines waiting for you. We have 24 hs personal attention service and we are ready to answer all your questions. Secure payment mode. Technical service at national level. ¡Contact us!