Caps and Closures

If you are looking for the best caps and closures for your bottles, you have come to the right place. In Tedelta we are experts in the making of the most qualified capping machines that will give you for sure the best sealed bottles in just a second.

We are a company that has more than 40 years in the industry under its belt, and all these years have given us the opportunity to learn how to perfectly design and build the best cappers in the world which means, we are responsible for the overall process onto the making of a capper machine, which translates to 100% original products.

Our quality is incomparable

Like we just told you, all of our products are completely and 100% original, so we design from scratch, work on details and then construct each product you will see in our amazingly huge catalog.

All of it, from the capping heads, to the systems, the little machinery parts and of course the cappers have our mark on it. We are the only makers and sellers of our own products.

We like to only offer our clients the best caps and closures for their bottles, and in order to do so, we have to keep upgrading the systems of our machines every now and then, making them even better and more effective one of a kind products that will not disappoint your expectations.

Our cappers seal with the most avant-garde capping heads and systems in the bottling industry, and we are going to prove that to you, right now.


This Tedelta magnetic capping head is designed to give a perfect sealing on every bottles with screw-on plastic caps. It also changes systems between a rigid chuck or a gripping one depending on the type of cap. It is a high quality product and since it is made of stainless steel, it is also a low maintenance head.


With this capping head you will be able of seal your bottles with all types of push-on plastic and cork caps, and you will do that in the most hermetic a precise way there is. This head is made of stainless steel and it changes its capping system depending on the cap you want it to work with at the moment.

We really listen to our clients

In Tedelta we are specialist on selling the most effective cappers of the market, that’s a fact. But we also like to always maintain a good relationship with our clients. And we do that in different ways.

We offer our customers a personalized technical service that happens to be the best since we are willing to answer all your doubts and questions. We assure you we will always respond to you, especially since one of our post sale services is a reliable service handed by our incredible team of experts, whom will maintain your Tedelta machines at their best at no cost.

You can trust on us

And since we really want you to feel safe with us, we offer you post sale services, like we told you before, that no other company offers. If you purchase one of our products, you will get the high quality of the products. Also, you will get a series of free instructional classes that will help you and your workers learn all you need to know about how to work with our machines and by that, getting the best caps and closures.

To get the most effective caps and closures, go into our web page. We have personalized technical service and a 24 hs attention service. We will answer all your questions. Increase your production. Experts in the area. Secure payment mode. Don’t look anymore and Contact Us!