Capping Machine Operator

By getting a capping machine operator friendly you will be getting the best tool you can possibly get to increase you production levels up to number you would never even imagine. In Tedelta we have the best capping machines in the market. They will help you rise up the bottle production levels in your company thanks to their amazing technology and operating systems.

Thanks to our cappers you will seal most common types of bottles in the market, and that is thanks to their ability to hermetically seal bottles with a precision only Tedelta can give to you and your company.

There’s nothing like our cappers

A capping machine operator feel free since most of our cappers are automatic or semi-automatic, that way your employees can focus on doing other works which will also improve your company’s speed and efficiency.  Our machines are able to seal an even amount of bottles per hour that can get up to 6000. With our machines you won’t have to worry about anything. We assure you a perfect finish in the production of your bottles.

Also, our cappers are all made of stainless steel which gives you a much easier maintenance and a lasting durability. Also, Tedelta’s machines are designed to deliver the maximum speed in the bottle capping. A real example of that are the machines we are about to show you right now, which have been made caring and thinking in our clients benefit.


This excellent machine comes with a lineal system that it can be turned into an intermittently star system. It is an autonomous capper so it’s a capping machine operator free. It can go up to a production of 3000 bph. You can cap your bottles with all type of aluminum caps very fast.


This Pick and Place system capping machine will seal bottles with a huge variety of plastic caps and even aluminum caps. You can change the machine’s head so you can work with any type of bottles or caps you want to. This machine doesn’t need much of a greasing or maintenance and it is operator-friendly as well.

We are based in the whole world

Tedelta is a company that has tons of offices all around the world. We design, builds, manufacture and sale not only the capping machine operator will love to work with, but all kinds of cappers. And because we are everywhere, you can find us and ask for our machines whenever you want and be sure you will be getting a Tedelta product no matter where you are.

We have more than 40 years in the business of the bottle production, which turn us into real specialist, not only in the selling but the design and construction of the most trust worthy and efficient capping machines in the market, so as replacement parts for them. And that’s all thanks to the incredible working team we count on, that knows exactly what our clients wants.

Our main interest is you

To us, the main interest is to keep our customers desires and expectations at their best, which is why we work so hard in building cappers that make you feel you’re getting nothing but the best capping systems in the world.

All of the products we offer our clients are completely and totally made by us, so that way we can be able of assure you the feeling of safety and professionalism you wish for. If you decide to get one of our machines, you are getting not only a machine but a lifetime relation with us, in what we assure you that we will be always looking for you and your company, which in the end is your main interest.

Get an excellent capping machine operator friendly in our web site. With the purchase of any of our products, you will receive a two-year warranty. Specialized and qualified technical service, plus introduction classes for the learning of the working process of our machines. ¡Contact us!