Cap Sorter

If you want to get the perfect capping machine with a cap sorter include on, then Tedelta is the best option for you. We offer you the most excellent cappers that can easily work with any kind of bottles and caps in the market. With our products you´ll get a perfect sealing in all of your bottles, and that´s a fact.

Ware experts in the making of the most qualified machines in the market, assembled with the most avant-garde and effective parts so we can always assure you an excellent seal.

Experts in the making

Tedelta is a company that counts with the most experienced staff filled with the best professionals in all the areas within the making of a capper, which means we are responsible for not only the selling but also the designing and construction of every one of our machines that are all made by the most qualified experts in the industry.

In our catalog you will only find products with Tedelta´s logo printed on so you can really verify their authenticity and then, after you buy them, their amazing and effective quality. All of the aspect within our products are 100% original and made by us. So if you want a cap sorter or a capping machine of the best quality, just wait for the ones we are about to talk you about.


This machine will help you increase your production like no other. Its Pick-Off system will boost up the number in your company up to 3000 bottles per hour. With this capper you will be able of setting all types of aluminum caps in all the different kinds of glass bottles, so you can reach and even bigger spot in the market.


This capper allows you to seal your bottles with the largest variety of plastic caps, it is made of stainless steel and its system allows it to be completely operator-friendly. It also seals an amazing amount of 6000 bph if you install a second capping head on it. It is a trustful machine of the best quality.

We constantly work for you

Because we care about the increase of your production numbers, we know how important it is for you to have a trustful machine, and that is why we work so hard on making the best parts and machines while keeping improving their systems that will help you seal your bottles in the most precise way.

In Tedelta, we have more than 40 years straight working for our clients and raising the bar to the competition, which is why we now offer an awesome service of cap sorter machines and capping machines made to measure.

These machines are made based on our client´s wishes and requirements. So if you want to have a bigger production, you can do it with the quality that only Tedelta can offer you just by giving us your specifications and we will make them into reality.

We have all covered up

By getting of one of our products you will be receiving a series of special instructional classes on how to manipulate a cap sorter or capper of Tedelta´s. Also, you will be getting a totally reliable service from our experts so you don´t have to worry about maintenance anymore. And on top of that, an irresistible two years warranty.

Buy the best cap sorter in our web page. Variety of products and accessories for your company. We are specialists in the bottling market. 100% original pieces. We work 24 hours a day and are always ready to answer all your questions. Guaranteed quality. ¡Contact us!