Bottling Equipment Manufacturers

In Tedelta, we’re the most professional bottling equipment manufacturers. We’ll make the perfect machine for your company that gives your bottles the most hermetic closure of the market. A Tedelta capper is the best option you might have in order to get a real boost in your company’s productions, while your bottles are sealed in the most effective way and in the fastest time. What else can you possibly ask for?

We are specialists in designing, making and selling the most avant-garde and qualified capping machines, and we are going to prove that to you that right now in this article.

We are leaders in the industry

Tedelta is an international company that has placed itself in the industry as one of the leaders in terms of quality and effectiveness on its products. We count with numerous offices and venues in numerous countries, which we have established through more than 40 years that we have been in the game.

During all those years, all of our clients have always felt satisfied with the quality of our products, and since we are bottling equipment manufacturers, we take that acceptance and turn it into fuel that boost us up to make even better products for them, along with amazing services that no one else offers.

Part of those special services we have for you, are the high quality of the products that will cover any problem that you might experience with your new Tedelta capper. And that is just by purchasing it.

In the other hand, we have an endless catalog of products that includes, the most qualified original capping heads, designed and manufactured by our incredible team, just like these ones we are going to talk you about just next.


This is one of our best original capping heads, which will make your machine cap all kinds of glass bottles in the fastest time and with all kind of aluminum caps. It has a long lasting durability thanks to its stainless steel body. It is also a strong head. It can also be installed in different Tedelta machines.


With the help if this capping head, you will be able to seal your glass or plastic bottles with all types of plastic and push-on caps and of course, in the most hermetic way. It is also made of stainless steel, and it changes its capping method depending on the cap it’s using at the moment. Simply a great addition to your capping machines.

We are an all original company

Is important for you to know that all of our products are 100% original, which means that since we are bottling equipment manufacturers, they are all made by professionals. As a company, we’re responsible for every single detail on our products, which lead us to assure you that our quality is simply the best within the international market.

We work to give you the best

We know that sometimes problems may happen, and that’s okay, since machines need constant maintenance in order to keep working in the proper way, so in case something bad happens with your Tedelta machine, we got your back.

By purchasing a Tedelta capper, you will get, along with the high quality of the products, a service of free maintenance for a lifetime, handed by our amazing team of experts. But if that is not enough for you, we will also give you instructional classes, so you can learn how to work with our products, cappers and equipment. We’re are just the best option for you.

We’re the best bottling equipment manufacturers in the market, and you can get our products in our web page. We will answer all your questions. Guaranteed quality. 24 hours attention service. Experts in the business. Secure payment mode. Top quality products. Contact us!