Bottling Capping Machine

Buy a bottling capping machine from us a see the fastest increasing in your company’s production numbers and quality. Getting one of Tedelta’s incredible capping machines is the perfect first step you could take to finally rise up and produce the most perfectly sealed bottles of the market.

If you are looking for an easy yet effective way to increase the numbers of your company, you have come to the right place, because here in Tedelta, we offer you the most effective and avant-garde cappers. They will seal all kind of bottles in the less amount of time and using pretty much any type of cap.

International standards

Tedelta is an international company with numerous offices all around the world, which has given us the possibility of working with the most prestigious and recognized marks in the global market. Also, by working with them, we have adapted ourselves to the international market’s standards, which has made us improve the way we make our machines so we can offer you nothing but the real best.

In the same time, we have been able to learn from all our customers, so we are constantly upgrading the level of quality of our machines, taking in consideration all the feedback from our clients.

Our machines have become one of a kind pieces of quality and efficacy. They seal in the most precise way, and a bottling capping machine from Tedelta is synonymous of excellency and good work, just like the ones we are going to talk you about right now.


This is a semi-automatic capper, which capping process is totally automatic. But not to be mistaken with a low quality machine, because, with this Tedelta capper you can close your bottles with any type of aluminum or plastic cap. It gives one of the most hermetic seals in the market, and is perfect for capping glass or plastic bottles.


But in case you’re looking for decapping returnable bottles, this decapping machine, manufactured in stainless steel, is the perfect option for you. It presents a long lasting durability. Perfect for decapping glass bottles sealed with plastic, aluminum and twist off caps.

You can count on our post sale services

A Tedelta’s bottling capping machine is made of the best materials in the market, but we know that no even that exempt it from presenting little troubles now and then, therefore we offer our customers special and unique post sale services that no other company offers.

In Tedelta we give you the high quality of the products complemented with a service of high quality warranty that will make your machines to be always at their best. Among that, we have a 24 hs personalized attention service where you can place all your doubts and questions, which we will answer happily.There’s no company with the amount of experience we have

We have more than 40 years in the industry, constantly improving our systems and machines, so we can assure you will only get the best sealed from our cappers. Especially because we make every single product in our catalog from scratch.

We are experts in the making of 100% original and qualified cappers. Our incredible team is filled with the best professionals in the area of design and mechanical engineering, so we can always assure perfect capping machines and products.

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