Bottle Torque Tester

In our web store you can find the bottle torque tester, capping head or capping machine you have been waiting to find. In Tedelta we have the best capping machines in the market waiting to be purchased by you. With these machines you will get a hermetic sealing for your bottles like no other.

Tedelta’s machines comes with the most updated and advanced systems in the market. And it is thanks to all those different systems that our cappers have the ability to help you boost up your production numbers in a way you wouldn’t never thought possible. Our machines have the most avant-garde systems, so they can really fulfill your expectations and seal your bottles in the less amount of time.

We make your company be more efficient

Our machines are mostly autonomous and operator friendly, so they don’t necessarily need to be worked by an operator’s hand in most of cases. That might actually be really helpful for you because then your workers can focus in other areas and task in your company so it gets more efficient.

Our machines will seal any types of bottles with the most common classes of caps in the market while doing it in the most precise way, which is a usual attribute to all of our products, from a bottle torque tester to a capper, Tedelta is quality and that is exactly what we are going to show you right now.


This machine, made of stainless steel, is perfect from softest to the most exigent production levels. It applies all kinds of aluminum caps while assuring a hermetic sealing due to the fact it is complemented with our most sophisticated head. It also guarantees production numbers between 3000 and 6000 bottles per hour or even more.


This capper has a precise cap dispenser that assures and perfect drop of the caps to the bottle’s pick. It is undoubtedly the perfect tool for your company since it can boost the production level of it to the sky. It also can be improved by adding more capping heads. This machine can get to seal a huge amount of bottles per hour.

Tedelta is as unique as its products quality

In Tedelta we offer you the best bottle torque tester, and claim we sell the most effective capping machine in the market not because we think so but because we actually do it. All of our products are 100% originals, which means we design, build and put together every single aspect within our products, including machines and replacement parts for them.

Tedelta has more than 40 years in the market making the most excellent capping machines for the most prestigious companies and marks in the world. Through all these years we have been able of really get to know our clients as well as their desires, and what they really expect from a Tedelta bottle torque tester or capper.

You are the most important thing to us

In Tedelta we really care about our clients and want them to feel they have made the right decision by purchasing one of our products, and that ain’t no easy work to do. But we also know that one of the main concerns for our clients is the maintenance and costs of repairing a capping machine.

That is why we offer a two years guarantee for the purchase of any of our products. Also, by buying one of our machines, you will be getting a reliable service, so everytime you see yourself into a problem with one of our machines, our incredible team of experts can solve it for you.

We really work hard to help you and your company rise up your numbers in the fastest way possible. So we assure you will only be able of getting to that production goal by using Tedelta products.

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