Bottle Top Machine

Tedelta bottle top machine is going to be the perfect tool for your bottled products company. Inside of our huge catalog there are tons of effective and fast capping solutions for you, which will help your company get that increase you’ve always wanted, by giving your bottles the best of seals in the fastest time.

Our capping machines will give your bottles hermetic seals with an incomparable quality that only we offer. If you’re looking for the best machines, you have gotten into the right place. We offer the best cappers and bottling products of the international market, internationally acclaimed and in the most economic prizes.

In Tedelta, we will help you boost up your company’s production numbers, with the amazing quality of our machines that no other cappers in the business have. Whether if you are working with glass or plastic bottles, our products will do the best job for you.

One of a kind and effective machines

We are specialist in creating capping machines with the most avant-garde and advanced capping systems. Also, all of our products are 100% original, so a bottle top machine from us, is going to be just unique and effective.

We are designers, builders and manufacturers of each one of the products we offer in our catalog, which turns us into actual specialists in the area. Our quality is incomparable, and that we can prove to you right now.


With the help of this capper and its effective and fast pick-off system, you will see a total increase in your production. The capping process in your company will be faster than ever. With this Teldeta capper your numbers grow up to 3000 bottles per hour, and by installing a second capping head to it, you can take it to 6000 bph. Seal your glass bottles with any kind of aluminum caps.


This all original Tedelta bottle top machine will be just the perfect tool for your company. Seal your bottles with a long variety of plastic sealers. It is a high precision machine that uses the most efficient capping heads of the market, ours. It is a low maintenance machine made of stainless steel with an avant-garde working system like no other.

Experience is our branding

Tedelta is an international company with a bunch of venues all around the world and has more than 40 years working in the business. We have grown manufacturing and selling capping solutions of the best quality. Efficient machines and machinery parts that will make your company grow to heaven.

During these almost five decades, we have developed an effective 24 hours personalized attention service, on which you can trust with your eyes closed to get an answer to all of your questions about our products and amazing services.

Our services has no comparison

We care about our clients and the overall experience they receive from us, especially after the purchasing phase is done, therefore we offer post sale services that are the most caring and close. By getting a Tedelta Capping machine, you’ll get a series of free instructional classes so everyone in your company can learn how to work a Tedelta machine perfectly.

We also offer the high quality of the products that covers all possible damages your new Tedelta machine might get; complemented with a reliable service that will spare you from paying an expensive maintenance service done by a third.

Get a bottle top machine in our web page. We are an international company. Responsible enterprise. Experts in the area. Secure payment mode. Original products. Guaranteed quality. Top quality products. Contact us!