Bottle Filling Machine Small

If you want a bottle filling machine small production company, a capper from Tedelta is the only thing you could possibly need. Raise up the production levels in your company to a state you’ve only dreamed about before. Do that with the help of amazing capping machines made for the only purpose of seal bottles in the most hermetic way. We make the most effective machines with the best capping systems which are internationally proven to be the most advanced.

Our machines seal the biggest number of bottles in the less amount of time, all thanks to their avant-garde and internationally acclaimed technology, complemented with customized 100% original Tedelta parts.

Decades of experience are behind us

We count with more than 40 years of experience producing the most effective capping solutions for our customers. A bottle filling machine small price from Tedelta is going to be the best alternative for your company to finally see the boost you have always wanted for its production.

We have been in the industry for almost half of a century, and that time has given us the opportunity to learn and improve our systems so we can make machines of the best level.

A global enterprise

Our products give a perfect and hermetic seal to all the kinds and shapes of bottles you can possibly work with, our quality has been recognized in the world as the best, especially by some of the most popular marks and companies since they have worked with us in the past and had a taste of it. We have offices and venues in numerous countries, which has allowed us to spread our quality and vision in an international measure.

Our catalog is filled with all kinds of cappers and filling machines cappers that will make your company grow in the blink of an eye, like the ones we’re about to talk you about just next.


If you’re looking for efficiency, this capping machine is the best option for you. This all original Tedelta duplex capper can seal bottles with two different types of caps at the same time. You can cap plastic and glass bottles with plastic and aluminum simultaneously. Increase your production up to 6000 bph and produce the best sealed bottles with a machine made of stainless steel.


This Tedelta capping turret can make your production go up to 3.000 bottles per hour. But if you decide to, you can grow that number to 6000 bph just by installing more capping heads to it. It works with different types of glass bottles, and since it is made of stainless steel it is a long lasting machine that does not need much maintenance.

We want your production to grow

We are constantly making an effort to make the most efficient machines for our clients. We believe in the importance of developing and maintaining a good and caring relationship with our clients, and we do that by helping them to grow their production numbers in the most effortless way.

We also want them to feel safe with us, which is why we like to offer our customers the high quality of the products so they know that if something happens to their bottle filling machine small company, they will be covered. Also we give a special service of high quality warranty, so you don’t have to worry about your machines producing less of what they’re supposed to.

We design, manufacture and build all of our products right from scratch, so we can assure you will get nothing but the best capping solutions for your company. We are just your best option.

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