Bottle Filling and Capping Machine

We are the best option you would have in order to purchase a bottle filling and capping machine, and there is no competition to us. In Tedelta, we are specialist on making the best cappers of the global industry, and in the next article, we are going to explain you why we are simply your best option.

Our machines are one of a kind piece of mechanical engineer that will give any kind of bottle, a seal like no other, in a hermetic, efficient and fast way. If you want to accomplish that high increase you’ve always wanted for your company’s production numbers, you don´t have to look anywhere else. You have entered in the right webpage.

Our quality is recognized as the best

All of our products are 100% original and made by us; they are all designed, manufactured and built by our incredible team of mechanical engineers, which has been selected under the most rigorous process so we can provide you with machines made by professionals.

Our quality is unique, and you won’t find it in any other machines on the market. A bottle filling and capping machine from us is going to be simply the best tool for you and your company, and in case you don’t believe us, here are some examples for you to see.


This is Tedelta’s duplex capping machine, and it will be perfect for you if you’re looking to increase your production in the fastest way. Our duplex capper works amazingly in big and high production companies, since it can seal 6000 bottles per hour thanks to their fast Tedelta original capping heads. It works with different types of caps at the same time, and we assure you, this machine will increase your production number up to heaven.


This next machine works specifically with plastic bottles, and is going to be an excellent addition for your company. It will seal your bottles with a huge variety of plastic caps, giving them a hermetic seal. It can also be equipped with more capping heads for a better payoff.

Tedelta is filled with specialist

Tedelta is a capping company filled with specialists in the art of making and selling the most effective capping machines, and machinery parts of the market. We have placed ourselves as leaders within the international business by being a company that has tons of offices and venues in numerous countries, and with that, offers an incredible service with amazing products.

We have been in the game for a little bit more than 40 years, working every day nonstop, and placing ourselves internationally, gaining experience and using it so we’re able to please our customers’ expectations.

We got your back

We care about our clients that is something we characterize of doing. We like to be perceived as an enterprise that is close with its customers, caring about them having an experience worthy of sharing and repeating. With every purchase, we want our clients to feel save and pleased, and we do that by offering services that are out of this world.

By purchasing a bottle filling and capping machine from us, you get the high quality of the products that will cover any inconvenient. This is completed with a reliable service, and if that’s not enough for you, we also will be giving you free instructional classes, so you can learn how to work with our systems and machines perfectly.

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