Bottle Capping Device

There is no better option for your company in order for it to increase its production numbers than a bottle capping device that will seal all your bottles in the most precise and hermetic way possible. But in Tedelta we don’t just look up to help you increase your production levels, we also offer the best sealing systems in the market.

Our capping system are the most competitive of the whole industry, therefore, our machines are recognized as the best cappers. We develop the most avant-garde cappersso we can satisfy all of our customers’ demands and expectations. Our machines seal numerous types of bottles in the most precise way, with a hermetic finish and also in the shortest amount of time.

The perfect capping

In Tedelta we count with more than 40 years in the business, always working hard in order to really make effective cappers that can truly reach our clients’ wishes. A bottle capping device made by Tedelta is the perfect tool for your company, and that is because our machines have the most avant-garde systems and custom parts so that way, they do the most perfect job. Just like the machines we are going to show you right now.


When it comes to excellency, this machine is the best option for you and your company. Tedelta’s duplex capper is perfect for high speed productions. It can seal with different types of caps at the same time. Thanks to this machine you can increase your production numbers up to 6000 bph if you install more capping heads to it.


This machine is going to be perfect for your company, if you want to seal all kinds of plastic bottles with any kind of plastic cap. It can be equipped with more capping heads so you can take a much bigger advantage from it. It is a capper made out of stainless steel, which gives a long lasting durability to it.

We commit to you

As a company, we are committed to help you increase the production numbers in your company, and since that is our main goal, we work in order to come out with the most effective bottle capping device in the market.

But on top of that, we understand that having a nice feedback with our customers is important, and part of that is to always respond to the issues that our clients might experience. That is why we offer amazing post sale services like reliable services that will make you machines stay on their best shape all the time and at no cost.

The most original products

In Tedelta, we stand for offering 100% original products to our clients. Everything in our catalog are original products with the unique quality only we can offer. We sell products made by our incredible team of experts and engineers, which are the most qualified in the area.

In Tedelta we stand out for our quality and commitment, we will always look out for you and your company. With us, you will have the high quality of the products on every product you purchase, plus instructional classes made especially for the purpose of you and your workers to learn everything about our machines and how to work with them.

Get the most effective bottle capping device in our web page. With more than 40 years of experience in the market and offices all around the globe, we are the best option for you. Personalized technical service. Don’t think about it anymore and Contact Us!