Bottle Capper and Caps

Our web store is the best place for you to find the perfect bottle capper and caps in order to increase the production numbers in your company. But in Tedelta we don’t just look up to help you increase your production levels, we also look to accomplish that goal by only offering you the best sealing machines armed with the most advanced systems in the market.

We are a company who is always thinking ahead of competition which is the reason why our work is so respected and followed up in the world.

Our systems are world-wide acclaimed

We equip our machines with the most avant-garde capping systems in the world, always trying to bring the satisfaction all of our customers look for. We do that by selling machines that are able to seal in the most precise and hermetic way and in the shortest amount of time.

Tedelta is also an international company that has offices and branches spreaded all over the world, so that way we can improve the production process of not only a couple of companies but a larger target. Having said that, we have had worked with the most recognized marks in the market, who has always been satisfied with the performance of our bottle capper and caps, since they are simply the best, just like the ones we are going to show you right now.


When it comes to an automatic capping machine, this one is just the best option for your company. This machine is equipped with a trustful pick off system that naturally places the cap into the bottle pick so that way, the head just hermetically seal the bottle. With this machine you can increase your production numbers up to 6000 bottles per hour if you add more capping heads to it.


This rotary system machine is the perfect tool to use in order to seal all kinds of plastic bottles with any kind of plastic caps. It is a really fast machine that will make the work in a record time. It is made with stainless steel, so I won’t ever rust, and it will be very resistant trough the past of times. It is also an operator friendly machine and a low maintenance capper.

Tedelta is effectiveness

We know there are a lot of bottling companies looking for the best bottle capper and caps, and that you can only find it with us. Tedelta is known for only offering 100% effective machines that are able to reach the production goal of any company.

We are a company that efforts and work hard in order to only come out with the most effective machines in the market for our clients.

100% Tedelta

In Tedelta we stand out not only for offering the best bottle capper and caps in the market, but also because each one of the products you can find in our amazingly huge catalog, is made by us. Meaning they are designed and build by our qualified team of professional and experienced mechanical designers and engineers.

Even if you need a replacement part or an extra piece for your Tedelta machine, you can easily find it in our web store, and you will be able of reassuring the origin of the piece since all of our products have the Tedelta logo stamped on.

In Tedelta our main interest are our clients and helping them in the improving and growing of their companies. So if you purchase one of our products, just know that you will be getting a capper or a machinery part from a company that is committed to you and the perfect sealing of your bottles.

Get the most effective and qualified bottle capper and caps for your company in our web page. We give you an impressive two years warranty, with a reliable service and instructional classes. More than 40 years of experience. Contact Us!