Bottle Cap Machine

There is no better option for your company than a bottle cap machine which what will help you increase all your production levels to numbers like never before. In Tedelta we don’t just look up to help you increase your production levels, just like we said before. We also look to accomplish that by only offering you the best sealing systems in the market.

We are always trying to think in different ways to present all kind of solutions for the capping of different types of bottles. Which is the reason why our work is so respected and followed up in the market.

We work to give you the best systems

We develop the most avant-garde capping systems in the world, so that way we can satisfy all of our customer’s wishes and expectations. We accomplish that by making and selling machines that are able to seal in the most precise way you can ever imagine and also in the shortest amount of time. Just like the ones we are going to show you right now.


When it comes to an automatic bottle cap machine, this one is nothing but the best option for you and your company. This machine has a really effective pick off system which place the cap in the bottle so the head hermetically seal the bottle. Thanks to this machine you can increase your production numbers up to 6000 bph if you add more capping heads to it.


This machine is the perfect tool to use for the accomplishment of seal all kinds of plastic bottles with any kind of plastic cap in the market. It can be equipped with different types of heads so you can take a much bigger advantage from it. It is also made out of stainless steel, so it won’t ever rust.

We keep it high-level

We know there are tons of bottling companies that, just like us are constantly looking to make better capper every time, but here in Tedelta we are specialist not to say experts in the whole process of designing and building of the most avant-garde bottle cap machine which happens to have the most actualized systems in the market.

We are committed to help you increase highly  the production levels in your company, which is why we effort so much and we work so hard to only come out with the most effective machines in the market.

We are one of a kind

In Tedelta, we stand out not only for offering the best cappers in the market, but also for only selling 100% original products to our customers. That means everything from the little replacement parts to the whole machines are totally made by us. Every single one of the products you can find in our large catalog, are made by our incredible team of experts and engineers, which are the most qualified for that goal.

Even if you’re needing a replacement part or an extra piece for your Tedelta machine, you can find it in our web store so that way, you can always fell you are having the same quality or even improving it.

In Tedelta we stand out for our quality and commitment to our clients, and that is exactly why we want you to know that it doesn’t matter if you are getting a bottle cap machine or any other of our amazing products, we will always look out for you and your company.

Get the most effective bottle cap machine in our web page. We give you a two years guarantee, with a lifetime maintenance service for your machines. We also have more than 40 years of experience and offices all around the globe, so you can find us anywhere. Don’t think about it anymore and Contact Us