Bottle Cap Liners

There is no better option for the improvement of the bottle sealing in your company that our bottle cap liners machines. Tedelta’s cappers will help you increase your company’s production to numbers you have never seen before. We also look up to accomplish all you professional desires by offering you nothing but the best sealing systems in the market.

We are constantly developing different capping solutions for our clients, implementing new and unique systems in our machines that are capable of doing the most perfect job on sealing, from bottle cap liners to a hermetic and precise capping.

Unique and best systems in the world

We are known for developing the most avant-garde and easy-to-manipulate capping systems in the worldwide market. We like to satisfy all of our customer’s wishes and expectations by giving to them the most effective cappers there are. Our cappers seal in the most precise way and in the shortest amount of time. And an obvious example of that are the ones we are going to show next.


This machine is nothing but the best option for you and your company. This machine has the most updated and effective pick off system that places the cap in the bottle so hermetically that the content within will never spill. Whit this machine you can increase your production up to 6000 bph if you add a second capping head to it.


This machine is the perfect tool for the sealing of all kinds of plastic bottles in the market. It can be equipped with different types of heads. It is made out of stainless steel, so it won’t rust. This is a fast machine you can take the most advantage of and boost up your production to heaven. Get a trustful machine that is as autonomous as operator friendly.

We are specialists and professionals

As a company, we like to constantly look to make better cappers every time we get onto the labor of developing a new product. We are specialist in the overall process of designing and building the most effective bottle cap liners machines complemented with the most updated systems in the market.

We are committed to help you increase your production numbers, which is why we effort so much in making 100% all original products that will never let you down.

We will never let you down

In Tedelta, we like to set the bar for our customers so they fell like getting the best cappers in the market, and we do so with 100% original products that are totally made by us. Each one of the products you can find in our large catalog, is made by the incredible hands of our team of experts and engineers.

In Tedelta we stand out for our quality and commitment to our clients, and that is exactly why we also offer amazing post sale services, which includes a the high quality of the products, reliable service an instructional classes for all the workers in your factory, so the learn how to take the most from a Tedelda machine by knowing how to manipulate every single aspect of it.

Get the most effective bottle cap liners machine in our web page. We have more than 40 years of experience as an international company with offices all around the globe. Personalized attention. Guaranteed quality. Secure payment mode. Don’t think about it anymore and ¡Contact Us!