Beverage Filling Equipment

In the next article we are going to talk you about our beverage filling equipment, as well as our capping machines and other amazing products that will make your company boost up its production levels up to heaven while reaching the next level of excellence and hermeticity in bottles.

Tedelta relies on the experience of experts in the area, which are the most effective and professional capping machines makers of the whole global industry. Our machines will give you the highest quality in bottle sealing, which is possible thanks to the avant-garde systems and original machinery parts we make from scratch. An example of that are our effective capping heads, on which we will get into later on.

Incomparable products

In Tedelta we are responsible for the design, build, manufacture and overall process of making the most effective beverage filling equipment of the global market. That allow us to assure you that by purchasing one of our products, you will be introducing your company to the best of qualities.

We only make original products, with incomparable quality. Tedelta cappers will always perform to give you the perfect seal you were looking for and now you can have.

All of our products are 100% original, and made with the highest standards in the capping business, that’s why they are unique and effective worldwide. Our cappers use with the most effective capping heads that are going to make your bottles get the most hermetic seal of all, and as an example here’s a couple.


Tedelta’s magnetic capping head will give you a perfect seal in any production environment. It works with a system that allows your machine to use a rigid or a gripping chuck depending on the cap you’re working with at the moment. Close your bottles in the most effective way. Capping head made of stainless steel. Low maintenance.


Seal all kinds of glass bottles with any aluminum cap, with the help of this Tedelta capping chuck. By being made of stainless steel, it will give you the best of seals with caps of 18mm, 38mm and every size in between. With this capping head you will be able to seal hermetically. It is the perfect tool for bottle or container sealing.

You can reach us anywhere

Tedelta has been in the international business of beverage filling equipment for more than 40 years, earning a really big exposure during those decades. We have also worked with some of the most amazing marks in the world, spreading our vision and quality internationally, having venues in different countries, improving the production numbers of the most popular companies in the global market.

We’ll give you a new capping experience

We specialize ourselves in the making and selling of effective and professional capping machines, but we characterize by offering our customers amazing post sale services.

We are constantly looking to offer our clients better services that show them how close we want to be with them and how important they are for us. And an example of that are the the high quality of the products they get just by buying one of our products.

We also offer a service of a high quality warranty for all of the Tedelta products our clients get, which handled by our amazing team of professionals. Free instructional classes where you will learn everything about our machines are also part of the package.

You can get our beverage filling equipment in our web page. Buy the most perfect capping machine. 24 hs attention service. Quality guaranteed. Personalized technical service. Secure payment mode. Original pieces. Contact us!