Best Bottle Capper

You will only find the best bottle capper here, since here in Tedelta we have nothing but the best capping machines in the whole global market. With these machines you can assure yourself a hermetic sealing like no other.

Tedelta’s machines presents amazing systems that happens to be the most updated at this moment in the market. Our machines are mostly autonomous and also operator friendly, so they don’t necessarily need to be driven by an operator. That might sound problematic but is actually not, because then your workers can focus in other areas in your company so it gets more efficient.

The fastest machines

Tedelta’s machines are equipped with the best systems in the world, and is thanks to those different systems that our cappers are able to lift up your production numbers really fast. Our machines have a never-seen-before speed systems, so they can really fulfill your expectations of sealing within the blink of an eye.

These machines will seal any types of bottles with the most common classes of caps in the market, although our cappers are not common like others companies’. And that is exactly what we are going to show you right now: How by getting a Tedelta machine, you are getting the best bottle capper.


This machine is made of stainless steel, and is just perfect for the most exigent production levels. It applies any kind of aluminum caps with our most sophisticated head, which assures and hermetic seal in most types of glass bottles. It also guarantees production numbers between 3000 and 6000 bottles per hour.


This machine’s excellent pick-off system can get to seal a huge amount of bottles per hour. It has a precise cap dispenser that assures and perfect drop of the caps to the bottle’s pick. These machine can be improved by the adding of more heads so the production levels of your company goes up to numbers you’ve never had before.

We want you to feel safe

We know that sometimes accidents can happen, especially when we are working with machines, and sometimes those accidents can harm the machines and even broke them. We also know that those situations can be a really headache to you.

That is why we offer you a two years guarantee for the buying of any of our products. So you don’t have to worry anymore if that happens. Also, by buying one of our machines, you will be getting a lifetime maintenance service which will be totally free, so everytime you need it, you will be getting an expert to solve any problem that may appear with your capper.

All 100% original

In Tedelta we offer you the best bottle capper not because we think we own it but because we have made it. All of our products are 100% originals, that’s including machines and replacement parts for them. That means we design, build and put together every single aspect within our cappers.

Tedelta has more than 40 years in the market making the most excellent capping machines for the most prestigious companies and marks in the world. That experience has given us the knowledge for really get to know our clients and their desires, and that way get to really fulfill them.

We really work hard to make the most effective machines just for you; machines that make a real difference for you and your company by rising up your numbers in the fastest way possible. We have no doubt that if you get one of our machines, you will be satisfied and happy with the outcome.

Get the best bottle capper in the market by getting in our web page. We have the best machines in the market just for you. Effective products with a long lasting durability. Technical service and guaranteed quality. Personalized attention. Contact us.