Beer Bottle Capper Machine

Having a beer bottle capper machine in your company will help you seal the most amount of beer glass bottles in the most precise way possible. Getting a Tedela machine is nothing but the best way to increase your production numbers like never before, since we are specialists in the making and selling of these incredible machines that will lift up the numbers of your company.

40 years making the most qualified machines

Tedelta is an international company that has more than 40 years of experience in the business of making the most qualified machines for the bottle production market. We have had work with the most prestigious companies and marks in the world, satisfying their desires and expectations with our machines’ quality and systems. And is actually thanks to that quality, that they always come back to us.

Tedelta’s machines presents a whole bunch of different systems that are capable to precisely seal your bottles in the most prestigious way. By getting one of our machines you will be getting the assurance that your production numbers will increase in the fastest way ever. That is one of our main interests, which is why we are showing you right now the best beer bottle capper machine in the market.


With this machine you will be getting the best capping in the market. It can apply all types of aluminum caps and all the different kinds of glass bottles. It is able to boost up your production numbers up to 3000 bottles per hour. This machine is one of the fastest machines in the market, which makes it and excellent option for your company.


Now, this beer bottle capper machine has an in-line system designed for small production numbers, but don’t let that fool you, because this can reach a total of 3000 bottles sealed per hour with no problem at all. You will be able to seal most types of glass bottles with almost any kind of aluminum caps. It is operator friendly and has a long lasting durability.

Best materials, originality and a huge catalog

In our catalog we have a lot of machines that can increase your company’s production levels really fast, since they are made with the best materials in the market. These cappers have passed the most rigorous quality tests before being offered to you, and that is part of the excellency that characterize us here in Tedelta.

Within the excellency we are talking to you about lands the fact that all of our products are 100% originals, which means they are all designed and manufactured by us. There is no product published in our web store that is not made by our excellent team of engineers and professionals whom are nothing but the most prestigious in the market, so we can assure the best quality in every single one of our products.

There is always more

In Tedelta, we know how important is to have the ability to use a beer bottle capper machine in a proper way, as well as knowing all the different aspects that comes it.

That is why, on top of offering you an amazing machine, we are offering you series of instructional classes for you and your workers, so you can learn how to work with our systems and to make the most out of our machines.

Get the best beer bottle capper machine in the market in our web store. We have tons of products waiting for you. We have 24 hours attention service and personalized attention service. There is no better option than us. Don’t look any further and Contact us.