Application Torque

In the next article we will talk to you about Tedelta’s application torque and other products that will make your company boost up its production numbers up to the next level. In Tedelta we offer our clients the best cappers in the market, those that will seal the biggest amount of bottles in the shortest of times.

We make the most effective capping machines, all from scratch. With the help of our machines you will get the most effective and hermetic sealing, thanks to their amazing working capping systems, that we develop for the only purpose of upgrading our cappers and by so, help you increase your production values.

An international company with prestige

We are an international company that has worked for more than 40 years, earning recognition and prestige all over the world. We have a huge number of offices and venues spreaded in strategic countries, so we can attend a higher number of clients and satisfy them with our application torque machines and cappers.

By working with some of the most prestigious marks and companies in the global market for almost half of a century, where we have been constantly improving our products and working systems, we have raised the bar for the competition while still offering our clients the most effective machines and bottling products.

Expert hands

All of the products we offer in our web page are 100% Tedelta originals, made by our incredible team of experts and mechanical engineers. Everything, from the machinery parts, to the working systems that are part of our machines and our products in general are all designed and built by the most expert hands.

With the help of our capping machines, you will get a huge increase in your company’s production numbers from the very first moment, and all that will be thanks to our incredible cappers and services, just like these next ones.


With this semi-automatic capper, you will be able of closing your bottles with any type of aluminum or plastic cap. This machine will give the most hermetic and effective seal to your bottles, wheter they are made of glass or plastic. It can also be upgraded by adding a second capping head to it, so you can increase your production to 6000 bottles per hour.


And in case you are in the need of a bigger or more personalized machine, we have the perfect alternative for you. We can make custom cappers manufactured based on our customers’ wishes and petitions. We will build these machines based on your specifications and needs. Equipped with original Tedelta parts and systems, made to measure, these machines are the perfect tool for any company.

Best services on the market

And in case you are worried about how to maintenance your new application torque tool, we also got that covered. In Tedelta we offer special and unique post sale services that will help you feel safe and secure when it comes to your new capping machine.

By purchasing one of our products, you’ll be receiving the high quality of the products complemented with a high quality warranty service handed by our incredible team of professionals.

You will also receive some free instructional classes that will help you and your employees learn and understand how a Tedelta machine works.

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